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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Inspiration for your Decor.

There are several books, magazines and sites that can assist you to come up with a general idea for the decor of the room(s) you are designing. These include books such as The Decoration of Houses by Alexandra Stoddard, At Home with Caroly Roehm and magazines like Country Home, Veranda and Architectural Design. There are so many books and magazines out there with magnificent photos and step by step instructions on the initial process of interior design.

In addition to the web, books and magazines, the best inspiration for me is to actually visit a home and to see the design in the flesh. There are countless showhouses, carefully designed by professional interior designers, in every city. Just head to your local real estate agent and arrange a viewing. Just make sure you don't fall for their tactics and end up buying the house! You can take pictures for your own scrapbook of ideas.

There are also several reality tv shows dedicated to home designs many showing you how to do things yourself. With the countless number of these shows airing round the globe, you are able to view designs from different cultures that may suit your fancy. Some of these shows are the amazing Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, Mix it Up, Trading Spaces, Changing Rooms, House Rules and While you were out.

Now I'm not advocating piracy, but there are sites out there where you can get these shows if they dont air locally for you. I'm sure you can find them if you really want to.


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