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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Japanese Style Interior Design and House Construction

Japanese houses are a stunning beauty with its looks clean and tidy. Compared to western style houses that are filled with lots of furniture, textiles and other decorations, the Japanese house is a bit sparse and simple. But it is this simplicity which makes the beauty that seems so soothing and relaxing.

In fact, the beauty of Japanese houses comes from the wooden frame, not by adding more elements in the room. This minimizes distractions and allows them to shine in the elegant beauty of the building.

Japanese Style Interior Design - Living Room
But a Japanese house or room is not completely empty. It contains some details that are connected with their culture and tradition. Some rooms have floral arrangements, simple but elegant and some scrolls hang on the wall.

The gardens outside a Japanese house are closer to nature. Japanese bamboo fountains give a relaxing sound of gentle running water. A Japanese house is a symbol of simplicity, beauty and balance that are necessary to keep our mind relaxed.

Effects of High Ceilings on Lighting

High ceilings tend to have a weakening effect of lighting. Ceiling lights rarely have the power to illuminate the entire room. For these types of rooms, it may be necessary to install light fixtures both above and below to create adequate lighting. This can be easily be reached by the use mood lighting on the ground or half the height of the ceiling, this can provide enough light to illuminate the entire room. Mood lighting on the roof can also be applied across the rafters if they show or accented by hanging chandeliers to light and enjoy the space above the ceiling.

High ceilings can cause lighting issues
Try to suspend modern accented lights that can be themed to your taste, if you want a little more of a personal touch to suit your style. Do not forget to use CFL or LED lighting technology, better yet, they take time getting used to, but they save you on electricity bills in the long run, and you would be surprised to see the "bulbs" that you can get for them is even smaller and brighter than conventional lighting.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Retro 70s Interior Design

The 70's were interesting times, which are currently revived by interior designers all over the world. It is best known for bright colors. Home decorators were then seduced by the combination of different motifs together in one place. The patterns are geometric, bright and there are many bright and smooth surfaces that contrast each other. The last part of the 60s and early 70s was inspired by Art Nouveau, which is psychedelic in design. The result that followed during the years of the medium was an explosion. Ceilings, walls and floors were designed with swirls. Overall, it was exceptionally elegant.

70s Inspired Living Room Design

Quick Painting Tips

Painting the interior of any room can be easy and inexpensive if you are aware of the condition of walls, how to paint and how much paint is needed about. Paints are available in different colors and there are varieties of coats and texture in the market. But make sure you know the trends and at least get a glimpse of how it can look like. Be careful of level of gloss because it reflects the brilliance of the paint when painted on the wall or ceiling. If you do not want too much glare or reflection, reduce the sheen of the paint.