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Friday, August 21, 2009

Indian Interior Design

Indian interiors are becoming very popular, this includes furniture, architecture and textile designs. The highly decorative and elegant Indian style means it offers the very unique opportunity to add both glamour and timeless tradition to a room. This is a clearly defined style that is not too difficult to implement.

Indian d├ęcor has a lot of imagery of the Sun, which has been worshipped by Hindus for many years. Doors, window dressings, ceilings, and fabric patterns all contain many elements that symbolize the sun. Carved columns and plate traceries are common, as are figurines of respected animals such as cows, horses and antelopes.

Lacquered furniture is hugely popular in India due to its richness of resins of all types. Furniture is typically low in stature and made of Indian Oak, nut wood or pink wood and has a real solid functionality about it. Unusually, Indian furniture frequently has a double use. A former saddle or cart might be used as a coffee table or an elegantly carved door may be used as a table top in the dining room, such is the whimsical nature of Indian style. Not only does this give a real opportunity to add great character to a room when recreating the look, it could also save a lot of money as you may already own old items that could be reused. If not a trip to an old junk yard or salvage shop is sure to inspire some creative thought. A common feature of Indian design that we have already adopted is the nest of tables. Available in most furniture shops, a nest of three wooden tables which fit together like a Russian doll, would add a really typical feature to a room. Other items of furniture to look out for are delicately carved and encrusted cabinets used to store bed linen called “damchis” and maharajas style wardrobes made of Indian oak with fortress gate style doors.

Finally, soften the look with silk curtains and window dressings. India is famous for its silk saris which are used regularly to not only create beautiful clothing but also to add sumptuousness and decadence to homes. Colours to look out for are turquoise, burnt orange and raspberry. For added spice, use beaded back-ties and tassels to draw back your curtains into an effortlessly elegant arch that will really show of the sheen of the silk to its full potential.


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