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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Boat Interior Design

The concept of boat or yacht interior design is derived from traditional interior design. As such the design concept should be functional and aesthetically pleasing, although the latter is a highly subjective matter. Interior design. Boats are by nature relatively expensive vehicles. Owners of luxury boats tend to enjoy their boats. Yachts are in some ways, the modern reincarnation of medieval horse drawn carriages. Therefore, what are some of the elements that must be considered in their interior design. We will address those in the next section;

What can be considered from the following image in terms of the boat interior design;

The immediate feature that we notice is the excellent natural lighting in the boat's interior. We notice that the placement of the furniture (we will examine the designs later) is to emphasize the view from the boat's windows. The artificial lighting involves ceiling lights placed at regular intervals in order to emulate outside conditions. Lighting is a key feature of interior design and so it remains and is in some ways more important even in boats.


Placement of furniture you will note that furniture is placed at the edges of the room; near walls. This allows for easy passage across the length of ship. Placement considerations may seem minor but they do honor an essential aspect of the functionality principal in interior design,as mentioned earlier. Finally, the room depicted here is a living space. It should be looked upon as that. There is a seated lounge area, a coffee section and an excellent breakfast bar. The color scheme evokes a sense of indoor comfort normally associated with a land based domicile. It temporarily allowing the inhabitant to forget they are not on solid ground. This is an excellent interior design.


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